Best Recipe Beef Ribs 100% Delicious


Today we will share recipes and how to cook Beef Ribs , very suitable for special dishes of family and friends.

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Beef Ribs

Ingredients Beef Ribs

Before starting to cook, prepare the ingredients first. Here are the ingredients that must be prepared to make Beef Ribs :

  1. Half onion

  2. 1 pack beef ribs

  3. Black pepper dash of salt

  4. Cooking oil

  5. 1 tbsp black pepper sauce

Steps Beef Ribs

After all the ingredients are ready, it's time to start cooking. Here are the steps for cooking Beef Ribs:

  1. Marinate ribs with black pepper and salt.Heat pan and add oil make sure it is hot then fry the ribs a minute each side then remove.

  2. In the same pan sautee onion until soft then put back the ribs then add sauce mix it then remove.

That's how to make Beef Ribs 

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