Best Recipe Glazed chicken and potatoes 100% Delicious


Today we will share recipes and how to cook Glazed chicken and potatoes , very suitable for special dishes of family and friends.

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Glazed chicken and potatoes

A sweet dish of chicken partner with oven baked potato

Ingredients Glazed chicken and potatoes

Before starting to cook, prepare the ingredients first. Here are the ingredients that must be prepared to make Glazed chicken and potatoes :

  1. 500 g chicken

  2. 4 pcs medium potato

  3. Sugar or honey

  4. Lemon

  5. Paprika

  6. Black pepper powder

  7. Salt

  8. Garlic

  9. Onion powder

  10. Oil

Steps Glazed chicken and potatoes

After all the ingredients are ready, it's time to start cooking. Here are the steps for cooking Glazed chicken and potatoes:

  1. First wash the chicken and marinate for 30 min..

  2. Marinate chicken with sugar lemon Paprika minced garlic onio powder salt black pepper

    Set aside for 30minutes.

  3. Meanwhile the potatoes first boil water.. When boiling put the cut potato boil for 5mins only.. Then take it..

  4. Put in your oven tray put some oil. And salt baked for 20mins or until. Golden brown

  5. Back to the chicken... Now heat your frying pan.. Put the chicken pieces in a pan until. Cooked or until. Become dark brown or glazed texture...

  6. Now you can put together in your plate the chicken and potato and serve to your family 😊😊

That's how to make Glazed chicken and potatoes 

Come on, try it now and don't forget to share it 🙂 .. Thank you

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