Search and arrest foreigners to open a shop in Sampeng area. take the career of Thai people

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Search and arrest foreigners. Chat opened a shop in Sampeng area. Steal Thai people's careers

with the Center for Prevention and Suppression of Cybercrime in Information Technology under the direction of Pol Lt. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau/Deputy Director of the Royal Thai Police, received a complaint that a group of foreigners entered into illegal business in Thailand. Thai occupation and affect the country's economic system therefore ordered the relevant police officers to integrate the investigation into facts.

Date 11 Feb 2019, the police consisted of Immigration office Metropolitan Police Headquarters Tourist Police Headquarters and the Chakrawadi Metropolitan Police Station Integration is examining the business of foreigners at the Sampeng market area. Chakkrawat Family relationship Bangkok inspected a total of 26 shops and arrested 12 suspects as follows:
1 Thai nationality 6 persons
2. Chinese nationality 5 persons
3. Lao nationality 1 person
with separate charges as follows
1. A foreigner working without permission Number 6 cases (5 Chinese, 1 Laos)
2. Get 1 foreigner working without permission (Thai nationality)
3. Sell label-controlled products. Consumer Protection Act, 1 case (Thai nationality)
4. Offenses relating to trademarks, 4 cases (Thai nationality)
Therefore, they seized more than 13,000 items worth more than 700,000 baht, and brought the suspect to the Chakram Metropolitan Police Station for investigation into legal proceedings.

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